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Center Middle School
13200 Pearl Road
Strongsville, Ohio

(440) 572-7090
Fax (440) 572-7094

Steven Deitrick -

Instagram:  cmsdeitrick

Twitter:  @cms_deitrick

Middle School Hours

8:15 AM to 3:00 PM

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The Mission of Strongsville City Schools

The mission of the Strongsville City Schools, an excellent school district with a tradition of nationally recognized students, teachers, and staff, is to ensure all students reach their fullest potential, through challenging curriculum and activities, provided by a highly qualified, motivated staff, in a safe, supportive environment, with up-to-date facilities and technology – in partnership with the community.

Guiding Beliefs of Center Middle School

As a middle school, we believe…

Interdisciplinary units and a cross-curricular approach to learning will encourage connections among all subject areas and address the needs of the 21 st century learner.

Encouraging and establishing student ownership and responsibility for learning will instill lifelong skills for success.

Providing an educational environment that enacts high behavioral standards and recognizes students for their efforts and accomplishments will allow students to grow and flourish.

Education is a cooperative effort between teacher, parent and child; an effort that is built on strong support and communication.