Welcome to our Construction Project Page

Strongsville City School District is in the midst of an $81-million dollar construction and renovation project. This project includes a new middle school, major renovations to the high school, critical repairs and technology upgrades to the elementary schools, and updates to the pre-school and transportation facilities to improve operations. 

The new $40 million dollar middle school is located on Pearl Road at the site of Center School. The new middle school replaces Albion and Center Middle Schools with a state-of-the-art building including technology and science labs. The building will be open for the start of the 2016-17 school year. The project is currently on time and under budget.

Although it is winter, work continues inside the administration, kitchen, electrical rooms and loading dock area because the roof is in place and there are temporary barriers from the weather. Inside the new school, they are installing some interior masonry walls, electrical runs, mechanical equipment and plumbing utilities. At the end of January, the air-handlers will be delivered to the elevated mechanical room.

By September, 2015, the roof over all of the remainder of the building will be complete. By the end of 2015, the exterior masonry veneer will be completed.   In the interim, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology equipment, cabling, and fixtures will be proceeding. Finishes such as painting will start as soon as areas are enclosed and will be completed area by area through the building.

The project also includes demolition of the former Allen elementary school as well as Center and Albion middle schools. 

High school renovations include upgrading to energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and technology improvements to better serve our student’s educational needs. The high school will remain open during the entirety of the construction project and phased to minimize disruption to our students. 

The planned sequence of activity is:

·         Phase 1: 600 wing [currently underway – June 2015]

·         Phase 2: 700 & 800 wing [est. June – August 2015]

·         Phase 3: Auditorium and new Scene shop [est. June – November 2015]

·         Phase 4: Business, Guidance, Foreign Languages, Little Theater, Auxiliary 1 gym and the girls’ locker rooms [est. June – December 2015]

·         Phase 5: Music, shop areas, Auxiliary 2 gym, girls’ locker rooms, wrestling room December – July 2016

·         Phase 6: Main gym, cafeteria, kitchen, boys’ and girls’ locker rooms [est. March– August 2016]

·         Phase 7: Media Center and Courtyard [est. August 2016 – February 2017]

Please note that this is subject to change and check our website for updates.  

The pre-school and transportation facilities have been upgraded. The transportation bus parking lot and access road were completely replaced as well as some additional catch basins and drain lines were installed in front of the office area. The roof was replaced on 2 of the 3 buildings at the Transportation complex. These upgrades will help keep buses in better working order so the fleet lasts longer while requiring fewer repairs. The pre-school upgrades included a larger activity space, additional offices, a larger clinic, a new meeting room, additional storage space and all new windows throughout the building.

When completed, it is estimated that the new facilities will save the district $500,000 annually in operating costs.