Strongsville Council PTA

Committee Action Plan for the year 2011-12


Committee :         SELF

 Committee Chair :              Eileen Clymer


Members:   PTA Unit Representatives, District Representatives, Community Representatives



What is the function of this committee?  

 The SELF Committee is a partnership of parents, faculty, staff, administration and community members.  The committee’s vision is to assist students in acquiring essential social and emotional life skills by providing support and resources which will empower students to make smart and caring choices as they grow towards adulthood.


What activities are planned for this year

1)            Continue to review and update current SELF committee mission statement as needed. Update  SEL Bio to go into Resource binder.


2)            Support existing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) efforts at each building across the district.


3)            Support the District Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning Climate (TLC).


4)            Continue dialogue and pursue resources and ideas for Anti-bullying programming at each level &

- Continue to discuss and pursue ideas related to OIP /TLC/SELF related activities and programming, continuing need for consistency of message


5)            Conduct quarterly SELF committee meetings with district partners and bi-monthly SELF committee work sessions. and meetings as needed


6)            Maintain resource binder on electronic website..


7)            Continue to disseminate public and private sector information updates on SEL issues. 

                Publicize SELF info sharing outreach project to parent/families


8)            Donate SEL resources that support/educate the Strongsville City Schools community.


9)            Continue dialogue on SEL needs on playgrounds, cafeterias & busses & walkers


10)          Increase discussion for opportunities for community partnership.


11)          Continue & update SELF scholarship (related to TLC)- w/council scholarship decision


12)          Contest for SHS students regarding distracted driving


13)          Begin work on SEL Resolution for PTA adoption at NPTA level


14)          Work with SHS on lunch time student seminars and MS on student seminar topics


For each activity, list the possible volunteer roles and the projected time involved.


1)            We will continuously review and update current SELF committee mission statement


2)            Identify Unit PTA SELF representatives and implement information sharing.


3)            Support efforts of District TLC Implementation Team.


4)            Explore programming/approaches at Elementary and Secondary levels related to SEL topics continuing need for consistency of message


5)            SELF Committee meetings scheduled:


                                                                                Sept 14th                                                work session @ 11:00 a.m.

                                                                                Sept 21st                               partner meeting @ 1:30 p.m. *

                                                                                Oct 26th                                  work session

                                                                                Nov 16th                               partner meeting @ 1:30 p.m.*

                                                                                No December meeting

                                                                                Jan 18                                    work session

                                                                                Feb 15th                                                partner meeting @ 1:30 pm *

                                                                                Mar 21st                                                work session

                                                                                Apr 18th                                  partner meeting @ 1:30 p.m.*

                                                                                May 16th                              work session

                * District representation


6)            Each PTA Unit representative or PTA president will communicate their Unit binder with information provided to PTA for communication to all members and school personnel

                The website resource binder will be updated periodically


7)            SELF committee representatives or PTA President receives and distributes updated information to school community. 


8)            Purchase SEL related materials to distribute to District buildings, such as videos, posters, etc.


9)            Educate Strongsville community on the value of partnering with SELF to achieve TLC/SELF goals


10)          Connect with library system and rec center


11)          Continue to discuss and develop ideas for SELF scholarship (including requirements)


12)          Plan contest for distracted driving for SHS


13)          Work on PTA resolution on SEL for consideration at NPTA


14)          Work with SHS and MS on ideas and programming


What is your committee’s budget needs?  Please try to be as specific as possible.

See committee Budget request for 2010-11 – to support activities as stated above

$650.  PTA council for SELF


Will your committee need to make any room requests?

Yes,   Meetings are primarily held at the Support Services Building in the Conference Room.


For special meetings we may also contact the public library for room needs.


What is the timeline for your committee?  For each activity, list the month when an activity is planned and the when any preplanning needs to occur.


This is an on-going committee.         September 2011 – June 2012


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