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MakerSpace is coming to Kinsner!





What is MakerSpace you might ask?

Big News!  MakerSpace is coming to Kinsner. To describe MakerSpace in simple terms, it is an area that allows for creativity and innovation to occur. Within this MakerSpace area students have the freedom to design, engineer, fabricate, create, build and collaborate. MakerSpaces provide students with a place to tinker and develop something that may not be possible to create without a space with resources. This will be an area students may use after their typing class (, during recess time, in an after-school club, or perhaps when working on a classroom project.  

For the past several months we have been working to develop a space for our students and staff to utilize. We have selected a space off the media center to be the home for our new MakerSpace.

The Strongsville Education Foundation has awarded a grant to Kinsner to help fund the startup of our MakerSpace.  Purchases may include equipment for 3D printing, robotics, engineering, coding, circuitry, photography, sewing, and much more.  However, there are many items that we will need that you may be looking to repurpose.  Maybe your children have outgrown a few of the items on our list and they can find a new home at Kinsner!

We are sending this letter out to all of our families to inform you that inside the main entrance of Kinsner Elementary School we have designated boxes set up for donations for our MakerSpace to get off the ground as soon as possible. We have placed a link to a list of items that we would like to have as resources for students below.  

Thank you for all of your consideration and willingness to help Kinsner’s MakerSpace not only become a reality, but a huge success.  

With anticipation,

Adam Marino