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    past, present, and future.

    Welcome to the Strongsville High School Social Studies Department Website! This site is meant to bring to you information regarding our program of studies, social studies activities and resources, and the instructors who bring the social studies alive each day for our students at Strongsville. The department agrees with the Ohio Department of Education's assessment when is says that:
    "whenever possible students should have the opportunities to learn social studies in real-world contexts. They should be able to examine artifacts, read primary source materials, engage in authentic experiences, and take field trips. Research shows that learning is enhanced when students make meaningful connections between new information that they are learning and their own experiences. Combining social studies instruction with the study of other disciplines, such as art and literature, helps to reinforce the learning within each discipline. It also helps the students to develop conceptual frameworks that lead to broader understandings." (Academic Content Standards K-12 Social Studies Book, page 2).
    Again, welcome to the SHS Social Studies Department. Please feel free to contact any social studies teacher should you have any questions regarding our program. Contact information can be found on the SHS Social Studies Faculty Page.