• Foundations of Studio Art
    Van Gogh Stairway painting  


    Foundations of Studio Art is an elective, year-long course, worth one unit of credit, which builds upon mastery of basic art skills and application of the elements and principles of design in preparation for developing one’s own identifiable art style, as required for successful entry into the next sequential, most advanced course in our art curriculum, Advanced Placement Art & Design/Drawing.  Foundations of Studio Art is an intermediate course which uses basic skills and techniques in design, drawing, painting and sculpture.  The Standards adopted by the Ohio Board of Education will be followed.  The Ohio Visual Arts Standards outline three areas of artistic study:  Perceiving/Knowing; Producing/Performing; & Responding/Reflecting.

       A variety of mediums are experienced and emphasis is placed on refining skills and introducing advanced techniques.  No one is expected to be a Michelangelo, however mastery of these techniques will be evaluated.  In the completion of projects and art history study, a sense of culture and discrimination in art (otherwise known as aesthetic awareness and appreciation) will be developed.  Critical thinking skills will also be exercised during in-class critiques.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in art shows with emphasis on “finished works of art.”


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     (Please follow only assignements listed in google classroom;  The below homework sketches may be assigned at a later date.)

    Homework Journal Sketches Link