MathXL--Online Math Program

  • This year in math class, we will be using the MathXL online math program.  It will give students valuable practice with concepts learned in class.  The program is designed to help students develop critical thinking skillls and allows them to practice problem solving skills in a variety of mathematical contexts. 

    Students will be assigned a new problem set each week and will be expected to complete the work by Friday at 3pm.  Many assignments will be set up so that you have multiple tries to answer questions correctly.  In addition, MathXL has several inbedded helps for you to access including "how-to videos" and "hints".  By utilizing these features, you will be able to actively problem solve.  If you find that you do not understand a concept after consulting these aids, please contact me through email so that I can help you.

    Each MathXL assignment will count for points toward your quarter grade and are expected to be completed on time. 

    CLICK here to go to the MathXL website