• Report Non-Resident Students


    Anonymous Tip Line

    Students of the Strongsville City School District must maintain residency in Strongsville.

    If you know of someone who is not a Strongsville resident but continues to send their children to the Strongsville City Schools, please help us by calling and reporting to this number:


    You need not leave your name unless you so choose. A district official will investigate the situation based on your information.

    You may also email your information.  notify@scsmustangs.org

    Strongsville resident taxpayer education dollars are earmarked to serve only Strongsville residents. The average cost to educate a student in Strongsville City Schools is about $11,682.

    In a continuing effort to protect and preserve an excellent education for the children of Strongsville, we will continue to audit residency of our students. Your help in this endeavor is appreciated.