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    Teacher EdTech Tools For Enhancing Remote Instruction 

    Laptop with SCS Logo Here is a list of approved resources to assist you in planning digital lessons, delivering digital instruction, and providing feedback on digital lessons. Our purpose is to continue to provide and enrich our students with the best learning experience we can. If you have any questions, email Dave Binkley at dbinkley@scsmustangs.org.


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    Sharing Information with Students {Email and LMS Options: Unified Classroom and Google Classroom}

    Online Interactions with Students {Browser-Based Collaborative Tools and Video Streaming}

    Digitize Your Lessons or Student Projects {Recording Presentations and Formative Video Lessons}

    Digital Lesson Libraries {Learning.com and other tools} 


    Sharing Information with Students

    GMail Logo

     GMail: All students have access to their GMail accounts. Elementary students are limited to correspondence with other scsmustangs.org accounts.


    Unified Classroom Logo

    Unified Classroom: Continue to use our LMS to communicate with our students. If you need assistance in updating or starting, your UC Class Page please refer to the Instructional Video from our Tech Coaches.  



     Google Classroom Logo  Google Classroom: To ease the transition to an online environment, especially for our younger students, you can create a Class in Google Classroom. For information to assist you in the creation and the use of Google Classroom, please visit Eric Curts' Control Alt Achieve educational technology website.  


    Online Interactions with Students

    Disclaimer: We need to be cognizant that even though students are "at home" they may not be available to participate at certain times. Aim for interactions that can be saved or recorded and shared for the benefit of all your students. 

    Collaboration Tools


    Padlet Logo


    Create online bulletin boards to build collaborative environments.

    Warning, Freemium Padlet limits you to three padlets per user. 

    Google Drive Files

    Google Drive Files Logo


    Share files, collaborate, provide feedback, and more all within Google Drive Docs, Sheets, and Slides.



    Webjets Logo


    Webjets is similar to Padlet but allows even more integration. You can add an active Google Search, Docs, Slides, and more to create a one-screen collaboration environment.


    Utilize Read & Write (R&W) for Chrome Extension to Insert a Voice Comments in a Google Drive File (Docs, Sheets, Slides)

    1. Click on the  Image result for google read and write  icon next to your Chrome Omnibox.
    2. Highlight the portion of the document you would like to add a comment to.
    3. Click the Comment button circled in red to add your voice comment.

    Voice Note Toolbar Icon


    Video Streaming/Collaboration Tools

    Google Meet

    Google Meet Logo

    All of Google Meet features are now allowed for SHS teachers and students. A teacher can create a Meet and via a Google Calendar invite or share the link via email, UC, or Classroom.

    Due to CIPA, students in grades PreK-8 CANNOT use Google Meet to participate in a videoconference. Teachers are allowed to use Meet and create a webinar atmosphere by creating a live-stream from the Google Calendar Event and provide a link for observers. The feature to record a live-stream is not currently available so it is a one-time event. If you would like to create a video message to share out, view Screencastify below.

    How to create a Google Meet Via Google Calendar  Handout 



    Digitize Your Lessons or Student Projects;

    Screencastify Logo  


    Unlimited Version Available for All Teachers & All Students

    Screencastify allows you to easily record your screen, yourself, or both all within your Chrome browser. We now have access to the Unlimited version for every teacher and student. After installing the Chrome Extension, log in with your @scsmustangs.org account and you have the following all the features listed below available to you and your students.
    • Unlimited video length
    • Unlimited number of videos
    • Access to the video editor to trim, splice, and combine clips. Add text blocks to your videos too.
    • Videos are saved to Google Drive to streamline sharing.
    • Only a click of a button will allow you to load it to YouTube.
    • Create a GIF of your video.
    • Download your video in multiple video and audio formats.
    • Can AppSmash with EdPuzzle to create formative lessons.

    How to Install the Chrome Browser  How to Install From the Chrome Web Store

    Source: Screencastify.com

    Source: Screencastify.com

    How to Record a Video How to Share a Video  

    Source: Screencastify.com

    Screencastify automatically saves the video to your Google Drive. You can share that link directly as shown below. You can also upload it and share it on YouTube, Google Classroom, or an email.  

    Share Google Drive Image  

    Source: Screencastify.com




    EdPuzzle Logo  


    EdPuzzle Pro Available for SHS & SMS. (Email Dave for the codes)
    EdPuzzle Free Available for K-5

    "Take any video and make it a lesson." EdPuzzle is a great tool for blended learning, flipping the classroom, or recording a lesson while providing opportunities for formative assessment. You can embed questions to assess understanding into any video. You can even create your own videos in Screencastify and insert questions. EdPuzzle also provides analytics for every lesson. This is a great tool to produce a lesson library, target intervention, or provide a quality lesson to your students if you are unable to physically be present. 

    How to Create an EdPuzzle Lesson

    Source: Richard M. Bryne (www.freetech4teachers.com)

    I. How to Assign a Video Lesson on PowerSchool

      1. With Edpuzzle, Click the “My Classes” tab in the top right corner.
      2. Select the class you'd like to invite your students to.
      3. Click on the "Students" tab and then the blue “Invite students” button. 

    II. How to Assign a Video Lesson on PowerSchool

    1. Log in to PowerSchool and click on the class you want to assign an edpuzzle for.
    2. Choose “Activities” from the white menu bar and select “LTI & SCORM” from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click on the “+ Add Assignment” button, which will open a pop-up window.
    4. Click on “Edpuzzle.”
    5. Enter a title for your assignment, then click “Save & Configure.”
    6. Click on the edpuzzle you want to assign.
    7. When you’ve decided if you want to prevent skipping or turn on closed captions, click on the blue “Assign” button.
    8. In the bottom menu bar, click the “Publish” button.
    9. A new pop-up will open where you can choose the start date and due date for your assignment, allow late submissions, create a gradebook entry, choose the assignment’s location on your page and how you want to display the assignment (in a link or embedded in your LMS).
    10. Click “Finish.”

    Now your students can see and complete your Edpuzzle assignment right from within PowerSchool! Once your students have completed their assignment and you’ve corrected all their answers, you can enter the grades in the corresponding entry in your PowerSchool gradebook.

    III. How to Assign a Video Lesson in Google Classroom

    In the "assign" pop-up window of a video, select the classes you'd like to post your assignment to Google Classroom for.
    At the bottom of the window, click the button next to "Post on Google Classroom" so the green checkmark appears (not the red X).
    Click the blue "Assign" button and you're done!


    Digital Lesson Libraries 

    Learning.com Logo


    Lessons Available Grades 1-5

    We have used Learning.com this year to introduce Computer Basics and Digital Citizenship to students in Grades 2-5. This program offers so much more. Learning.com has a vast collection of interactive lessons organized by standards. They even have PBL lessons available.  

    Learning.com Comprehensive Suite of Digital Literacy Curriculum

    Teacher Log In Information Student Log In Information

    Login: firstinitiallastname (e.g. dbinkley)

    Click on "Forgot Username or Password?" link to reset your password.

    School District: Strongsville City SD

    Same as their Google Sign On

    Login: (Google ID) ##lastname.firstname (e.g. 12binkley.david)

    Password: (Google Password) ######firstinitiallastname (e.g. 123456db)

    School District: Strongsville City SD


    Khan Academy Logo



    Lessons Available Grades PreK-12

    Explore Learning Programs



    Lessons Available Grades K-12

    Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing opportunities for individualized instruction in an effort to fill gaps or enrich.  Lessons are provided in most core courses. 

    Explore Learnearning has a suite of three programs that are available now FREE for 60 days. Gizmos (3-12) and Science4US (K-2) are science-focused and Reflex is (3-12) math-focused. They are loaded with simulations that focus not only on mathematics and science standards but provides strong cross-curriculum ties with literacy.