• bubble fairy 

     Mrs. Lyssa R. Stonitsch 

                WHAT I DID THE SUMMER OF 2015

    **Swimming lessons with both of my children
    **Family trip to Niagara Falls in Canada
    **Three weeks in my home town Atlanta, Georgia
    **My son turned double digits in June.  
    **Week in Columbus, Mississippi to visit my brother and his family
    ** Kalahari trip for my daughter's 5th birthday
    ** Overnight trip to Lilydale, New York with some friends
    **Took 2 graduate classes--Young Adult Novel & Young Adult Fantasy Literature 




    What I Read this summer:

    1. The Lunar Chronicles
        A. Cinder
        B. Scarlet
    2. The Iron Witch
    3. The Alchemist
    4. Reread The Giver
    5. Reread Tears of a Tiger
    6. Reread Brave New World
    7. Reread Speak 
    8. 20 other novels about Motorcycle Clubs, UFC, etc. (Silly Fun)
    What I am currently reading:
    1. Tress by Marissa Meyer 
    2. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
    3.  Final Mortal Instruments Installment by Cassandra Clare
    This Southern Belle relocated to Medina, Ohio in the fall of 2006 with my husband and son. I have been teaching for almost 13 years. During that time, I have taught in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia; Destin, Florida; Cleveland, Ohio; and now Strongsville, Ohio. I spent 3 years teaching high school general, gifted, and honors English in Georgia; 4 years teaching general, gifted, and honors middle school Language Arts in Florida; 1 year teaching 5th/6th self-contained gifted reading at Allen Elementary in Strongsville; and I am currently teaching my 5th year of high school  English at Strongsville High School. I love reading, collecting faeries, listening to loud music, and hanging out with my little man Dylan, who just turned 6 and is going in the 1st grade, and my daughter Lilliana, who just turned 1. In May of 2009, I completed a graduate program at Kent State University and obtained a Master's Degree of Education in Curriculum & Instruction for Reading and Writing. I am an incredibly goofy, brutally honest, fun-loving teacher who enjoys getting up in front of a classroom of students and making an utter fool out of myself--it's what I live for. Reading is my passion and getting others to feel as passionate about reading as I do is one of my two goals as an educator here at Strongsville High School. My other goal is to guide students in improving their writing skills through paragraph construction, creative writing, persuasive writing, composing accurate research papers, creating poetry, etc. :) 

                         INTERESTS                                                                              FAVORITE MOVIES

    **Reading young adult fantasy and horror novels                                        **Edward Scissorhands                         **Say Anything

    **Reading, in  general                                                                                       **Legend                                                    **The Lost Boys

    **Collecting Faeries now for 24 years                                                           **The Dark Crystal

    **Traveling                                                                                                          **Labyrinth

    **Being with my little man Dylan and little girl Lilliana                           **Nightmare Before Christmas

    **Listening to metal and hard rock                                                                **Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber

    **Listening to old school goth and punk                                                       **The Lost Boys

    **Listening to alternative 80s and industrial                                              **Dangerous Liaisons

                                                                                                                                   **Natural Born Killers

                                                                                                                                   ** The Breakfast Club


                                                                                                                                   **Dirty Dancing


                   FAVORITE MUSIC                                                                              FAVORITE BOOKS

    **Cocteau Twims                **Bat With Lashes                                **Twilight Series by S. Meyer

    **The Cure                           **Metallica                                           **Wuthering Heights by Bronte

    **Dead Kennedys               **Atreyu                                                **Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare

    **Portoisehead                    **Lacuna Coil                                        **Midsummer Night’s Dream by W.S.

    **MushroomHead              **Shadows Fall                                      **Percy & Olympians Series by Riordan

    **Breaking Benjamins        **Mudvayne                                          **Harry Potter Complete Series--JKR

    **Apoptygma Berzerk        **Wolfsheim                                        **The Outsiders—S.E. Hinton

    **Massive Attack               **Conjure One                                      **Hazelwood High Trilogy—S. Draper

    **Covenant                          **The Clash                                         **Speak—L.H. Anderson

    **Sex Pistols                        **Bjork                                                **Twisted—L.H. Anderson

    **Switchblade Symphony **Flyleaf                                                **Blue Bloods Series—M. De La Cruz

    **Korn                                  **Prodigy                                             **Morganville Vampires Series—R. Caine

    **This Mortal Coil              **Bauhaus                                             **Fablehaven Series--Mull

    **Peter Murphy                   **Joy Division                                     **In Cold Blood—Truman Capote

    **Hatebreed                        **The Smiths                                         **Lucky—Alice Sebold

    **In Flames                         **Seether                                                **Pride & Prejudice—J. Austen

    **Snake River Conspiracy  **Five Finger Death Punch

    **In This Moment                
      Favorite Books:                   
      **The Giver—Lois Lowry

      **Freak the Mighty--R. Philbrick

      **Angels & Demons--Dan Brown

     **House of Night Series by the Casts

      **The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold    

      **The Girl Trilogy by Stieg Larssen
      **The Picture of Dorian Grey

     **The Mortal Instrument Series