Mrs. Lana Rahe
    Subject:  Family & Consumer Science 7 & 8
    Team:  Explorers
    School Phone:  (440) 572-7070
    Voice Mail/Homework:  (440) 268-5958
    What is Family & Consumer Science?
    Family &  Consumer Science is the new name for the old Home Economics.  The name was changed because of all the concepts Family & Consumer Science classes teach.  It is much more than "stitching and stewing" today.  A definition of Family & Consumer Science is:
    The science and art of career planning, job skills, resource management, time management, nutrition, food preparation, menu planning, parenting, substance abuse, child care and development, healthy living, clothing and textiles, consumer education, decision-making, problem-solving, human relationships, family development, and anything else that touches home and heart.
    Family & Consumer Science at Albion is an exploratory class for seventh graders and an elective class for eighth graders. Every seventh grader takes FACS as a nine week exploratory class that includes units on personal development, cooking, and financial literacy.  Eighth graders may choose to take a semester course that corresponds with the Ohio Department of Education curriculum for introductory FACS standards.  Units include building relationships, healthy lifestyles, ensuring food safety, personal financial literacy, consumerism, and careers.
    Course Syllabus
    Grade 7
    Grade 8
     Sewing Supply List
    The sewing project supply list is passed out the first week of the grading period. Check the due date on the calendar elsewhere on this site. 
    Supplies needed for the eighth grade duffel bag project are:
    • One yard of woven (44-45") fabric.  Please no knits or plaids.  One way designs are OK, but fabric with a border may result in a smaller finished project.
    • Small spool of matching  all purpose thread.  A contrasting color may look cool, but unless you have sewing experience, stick with the matching thread. If you have to choose between two spools of thread, neither one being a perfect match, choose the darker of the two.
    • 2 1/2 yards of a continuous drawstring.  No tied together shoe strings or other strings.  White cable cord works well and is inexpensive. Some students like to dye this to match their fabric.  Nylon cording is OK, too.

    Think of your anticipated use for your bag as you choose fabric and drawstring.  It should provide you with many years of use. Some students make this project as a gift to give to someone in the future. Other students use the duffel bag for gym clothes, an overnight bag, a bag for the rec, or even the carry-on for the Washington, DC bus. How will you use your duffel bag?

    All sewing notions such as pins, pin cushions, shears, measuring tapes, seam gauges, seam rippers, etc. are supplied in the classroom.  There is no need to purchase them.  If sewing notions are brought from home please make sure they are labeled so they may be returned to the student if they are not put away in the storage tote assigned to them. 
    Each student is assigned a bobbin for the machines we use in class.  They are "borrowing" from the school and are responsible for any damage or loss that they incur.  The fine for a lost or broken bobbin is $1.00


    About the Teacher   

    Bachelors Degree from the University of Akron with a Masters Degree from Miami University.