• Rough Riders Teachers 2015-2016
    Danielle Blackman
    dblackman@scsmustangs.org 268-5967
    April Pillar
    Health/Physical Education
    apillar@scsmustangs.org    268-5951
    Laura Gaba *
    Language Arts
    lgaba@scsmustangs.org 268-5939
    Erik Green
    Social Studies
    egreen@scsmustangs.org 268-5921
    Adam Cletzer
    acletzer@scsmustangs.org 268-5955
    *Indicates Team Leader
    To reach a Rough Riders teacher by phone during the day, call their direct line
    which will take you directly to voice mail.  Please leave a message and the
    teacher will contact you as soon as possible.