• Rough Riders General Supply List 2015-2016
    8th Grade Required Supplies:
    *2-3 packages Blue or black pens and 1 package red pens
    *2-3 packages #2 pencils (may need more depending on how many get lost!)
    *At Least 6 packages of Loose-leaf paper for all classes (more may be needed)
    2 boxes of Kleenex to the 3rd period teacher
    Sealable supply pouch for pens/pencils, etc.
    Flash Drive (1 GB recommended) on lanyard and labeled with name
    4 Composition Notebooks (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts) 
    Ear Buds/headphones to be kept at school 
     One 5 Subject Notebook with Pockets in the Notebook.
    Graph Paper (small pack)
    Math 8 only - TI-30XIIS Calculator (should be same one as 7th grade) Algebra I only - TI 84
    One package of colored pencils
    One 3-ring Binder, 1"    
    Dividers for binder
    One package of 3X5 notecards
    Package of 6 highlighters and more as needed through the year 
    Two dry erase markers 
       Language Arts
     One 1-1/2" Binder with pockets 
    5 Dividers for binder 
    1 package of 3X5 notecards
     Social Studies
    One 3-ring Binder and one folder with brads or TWO folders WITH Brads
    One 1-1/2" 3-ring Binder
    PE Shirt
    PE Shorts 
             *These supplies may need to be replenished throughout the school year.