A pre-planned absence form must be submitted in advance of a planned absence of a student. Parents must contact the attendance office at least five (5) days prior to the first day of the planned absence. It is the student’s responsibility to make up his/her work prior to his/her absence, or at the teacher’s discretion, after he/she returns.

    Pre-Arranged Absence Procedure:

    1. Pick up the Pre-Arranged Absence Form from the attendance office or download the form at least five day before the planned absence.
    2. Complete the Reason for Absence, Duration of Absence, Return to School, Parent Signature, and Student Signature.
    3. Submit the form to the attendance office for approval five days before planned absence.
    4. After approved and signed by the administrator, have teachers sign form.
    5. Return Pre-Arranged Absence Form to attendance office.

    Download FormsTo download the Pre-Arranged Absence Form, click on the link.

    Pre-arranged absence form (pdf)