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    Mrs. Lisa J. Foky        Mr. JR Muth
    Mrs. Foky6th choir  &  8th grade Career Connections
    Mr. Muth - 7th, 8th and Select Choir
    The Voyagers
    School Phone: (440) 572-7090, ext. 6142(Muth) or jmuth@scsmustangs.org     
    Mrs. Foky does not have a classroom phone, please email her at  lfoky@scsmustangs.org
     Last update: March 8, 2020


    CHOIR CONCERT schedule for the YEAR  


                        Mid-Year Concert:  Tuesday March 10th  6:30pm  SMS

    **Students arrive by 6:15

    Regular Choirs wear:  Black pants, Dark shoes and Choir Shirts


    Rising STAR Showcase:  Thursday   May 14th     7pm   SMS 

                 (Meeting for Rising STAR is Monday May 11th 3-3:45pm)


                    Spring Concert: Tuesday     May 19th      6:00pm     SMS 

    Regular Choirs wear:  Black pants, Dark shoes and Choir Shirts


    Concert Make-up Policy:
          As stated in the handbook.....Unexcused absences result in a "0".  Excused absences allow for students to make up the concert.    Students have one week, upon their return to school, to schedule their makeup.  It is the students responsibility to see their teachr to schedule their makeup.
         The make-up will include performing the concert (typically done in-class), as well as a 250 word essay on concert ediquette, which is provided by the director.
          Please try not to schedule family trips, doctor's appointments, family functions, etc. on concert dates.  If it absolutely cannot be avoided, students/parents should notify the prospective teacher as soon as possible
          **disclaimer: Mrs. Foky and/or Mr. Muth has the right to change, modify or dismiss any policy or procedure as they deems appropriate.


    As choral directors, we take pride in our students and the many opportunities that we can provide for our young musicians here at SMS.  Participation in our program offers an experience that will benefit our students for the rest of their lives.  Self-discipline, commitment, cognitive thinking, and working together with a large group are just a few benefits of participating in such a program.

                Our goal is to educate the students in musical skills through theory exploration and quality performance experiences.  The 7th grade meets every day, all year.  The 8th grade program offers two full-year options, with students choosing regular choir or auditioning at the end of their 7th grade year for Select Choir. 

                The handbook, which includes all classroom rules and expectations, can be found by clicking on the link at the left of this page.  Any forms or other informational material will continue to added here as the year progresses.  The concert schedule, as well as all music related events, can be found by clicking on the calendar. For quick reference, the 3 concerts all groups are responsible are posted below:


    The best way to reach us is via email.  You may also reach us at school.  If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.  
     ~ Directors of Choral Music
                                                                                 Mrs. Lisa J. Foky                                     Mr. JR Muth                                                                               
                                                                           lfoky@scsmustangs.org                            jrmuth@scsmustangs.org                                                                                                                                         440-572-7090  x6142