• The following are some online resources for which I hope will help to either reinforce or enrich your learning:
    Integer Review    Nice site for reviewing the basic of integers
    AMBY  If you scroll down a tiny bit there is a great breakdown of how to do fractions
    This site has organized online math resources for students, teachers, and parents.  Find linke to homework help, family math projects, and solutions for everyday math problems.  Review basic math, geometry and algebra.
    A fun site for students to play mathematical games.
    I'm still exploring all this site offers.
    That Quiz Different math quizes for all topics in mathematics
    I'm still exploring this site.
     This  site is a review for Algebra students. These are the chapters from 7th grade pre-algebra book
    Those needing extra help with integers. If you play with the site glencoe.com and enter the pre-algebra book you can find review information from last year. Sample questions, quizzes and vocabulary.
    This site is an  Algebra textbook.  It is very similar to our textbook.
    You may want to try their different quizzes and problems they offer to aid you in the chapter we are working on.
    This site is our old  textbook.  May use for some review problems
    Extra Practice This site is great for practice on basic facts with whole numbers, fractions and integers.
    Learning Keys  Offers free math skill building lessosns with emphasis on basic math skills and algebra readiness in a distraction free environment
    Math + Science = Success  offers tips for success in math and science to parents, students, and volunteers for each grade level based on Georgia's educational system
    ECALC is a free online calculator that includes an interactive user interface with advanced scientific functions to help solve some algebra, trigonometry, engineerng, and other math problems
    Hooda Math offers free math games, tutorials, and forums for elementary-level mathematics
    EMATHEMATICS has interactive exercises, lessons, and worksheets to practice math skills from elementary to high school