All-City Orchestra Information
    Update:  There will be All-City Orchestra for SIXTH grade students ONLY.   Due to rapidly growing numbers and a strong foundation in the Strongsville Community, Fifth grade Orchestra will now have rehearsals by building (Ex:  Drake Orchestra before school, Chapman Orchestra before school, etc.)

    All-City Orchestra is a unique experience all Strongsville Elementary Orchestra students are able to participate in! “All-City Orchestra” combines all Orchestra students from each elementary into one large orchestra. This provides students with the opportunity to rehearse in a full ensemble (as opposed to 30 minute lessons with only their instrument type,) meet students and make friends from other buildings, and have full instrumentation (violin/viola/cello and bass). Our Orchestra performs as a large ensemble in December, March, and May on the High School Auditorium Stage. These are always very special events where the students are able to showcase their new talent, practice, and dedication! (Students will also perform in their individual school orchestras for December and spring concerts in school assembly concerts!)

    All-City Orchestra rehearsals take place at Kinsner Elementary (19091 Waterford Parkway) in the gymnasium off of the bus loop. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:15AM or as late as 8:00AM. Miss Rogers will be supervising along with Mr. Chris Chidsey and Baldwin-Wallace College Music Education intern(s). 
    Students need to bring their instrument, Essential Elements Book I, pencil, and their folding music stand. After rehearsal has concluded, students will be dismissed by building to take respective shuttle buses which transport them back to their home buildings.  Please make sure your son or daughter's name is on their case, music stand, rosin, and book!

    A full schedule will be handed out in the first rehearsal. Please contact me at rogers@strongnet.org if you have any questions or concerns. Please also check our orchestra website under your school’s “Activities” or “Information” tab.
    *All-City Orchestra is a mandatory part of the program, and is part of our curriculum. If it is an impossibility to attend, please contact me. Absences need to be reported to Miss Rogers by sending an e-mail.


    Tanya Rogers
    Strongsville Elementary/Middle School
    Orchestra Director

    A note on Private Lessons.. Lessons are highly recommended for students to receive one on one instruction and improve technique. For a list of recommended teachers in the area, please e-mail me at rogers@strongnet.org