“Ensuring All Children Reach Their Fullest Potential"
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    Strongsville Early Learning Preschool

    Program Philosophy

    All children have a need to explore and interact with their environment for learning to take place.  At an early age, children begin to explore and understand their world through play.  Play is the way of life for a child.  Through play and other daily experiences, a child develops in the following six domains: adaptive (independence), aesthetic (creativity), cognitive (conceptual understanding), communication (language), sensorimotor (sensory & muscle development), and social-emotional (management of self and relationships with others).  


    At Strongsville Early Learning Preschool, we believe that it is important to understand developmental stages and make necessary adjustments to ensure that optimal learning takes place, through play and other meaningful activities, for our children identified with special needs and their typically developing peers.


    Collaborative efforts between home, school, service agencies and the community are necessary to enhance the preschool experience.  Together, everyone can prepare our children for the next learning environment based on their individual needs. 


    Program Goals

    The overall goal for Strongsville Early Learning Preschool is to offer a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate preschool program for all children.  To accomplish this we:


    1.        Recognize the characteristics of play in young children and

            its relationship to developmentally appropriate practice.

    2.        Assist in the acquisition of self help skills needed for

            independent living.

    3.        Assist in the development of pre-academic problem solving

            and critical thinking skills.

    4.        Promote the development of communication skills.

    5.        Encourage the development of appropriate social/emotional


    6.        Assist in the development of sensorimotor skills to include

            large and small muscles.

    7.        Provide opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

    8.   Children learn acceptance and tolerance at an early age.


    PProgram Description

    Strongsville Early Learning Preschool serves children with disabilities and their typically developing peers from ages three to five.  Children with disabilities may demonstrate developmental delays in one or more of the following areas: adaptive behavior and cognitive ability, communication skills, hearing, vision, pre-academic skills, sensorimotor functioning and social-emotional/behavioral functioning.


    The preschool curriculum reflects developmentally appropriate early childhood programming.  The structure and learning experiences in the classroom are individually and specifically designed to address the needs of all students. 


    ·   Center-Based Services are held at Strongsville Early Learning Preschool.  Classrooms are staffed by teachers with Master’s degrees who are certified in early childhood special education, together with special education aide/attendants.  There are up to 12 children per classroom with at least one aide.  Some classrooms have additional aides depending on the needs of the children.  Speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy are provided if the child qualifies for these related services to meet the goals and objectives on their Individualized Education Program. 


    Students attend Monday through Thursday, two and a half hours per day for a total of 10 hours.  Fridays are family service days.  On Friday, students do not attend school, but consultation among professionals and families, IEP meetings, assessments, home visits, observations and other activities that enhance the development of the child are conducted.  Collaborative activities will vary based on the needs of the individual child and family. 


    ·         Itinerant Services are provided by a certified special education teacher who may serve students at home or at a preschool within Strongsville City School District.  The itinerant teacher offers services a minimum of four hours per month as outlined on the child’s Individualized Education Program.


    Family involvement is an integral part of the development of the total child.  Parent visitations are encouraged and welcomed. 

    January 2010


    Schedule for the 2009 – 2010 school year


    Monday - Thursday

    Morning Preschool 8:o5 a.m. – 10:35 a.m.

    Afternoon Preschool 11:35 p.m. – 2:05 p.m.



    Ratio – Maximum of 6 children to 1 adult



    Cost per month $140



    Indoor play area for weekly large motor activities

    New outdoor play area




    The teachers have a very close relationship with the districts kindergarten teachers, which help ensure a smooth transition when it comes time for kindergarten.