2015-2016 New inductees and this years' seniors are to email Mrs. Barba-Minor a picture of you and your art by the end of November.  Her email is tbarba@scsmustangs.org  This will be used for the powerpoint.
    NAHS Seniors with their cords
    Newly inducted members
    2014-2015 Officers (Richa, Megan, Shannon, Becky, Marissa & Miranda)
    2015-2015 Officers (Moustafa, Richa, Nicole, Rachel & Allan)  
    Honoree, Jim Heiser from Bullseye Activewear, and Spencer (who nominated our honoree)
    Thank you, Mr. Heiser, for being a mentor to vocational students. 
    A. Senior Exhibition
    B.  Reception
    C. Ceremony 
    NAHS Officers: Kelsey F., Jeannie L., Collin D., Miranda L.
    NAHS Seniors: Collin D., Kelsey F., Jeannie L, Jamie M., Rebecca P., Matt S., Husna S., Carly V. & Laura Y.
    new inductees
    New Inductees: Matt S., Bobby D., Melissa K., Laura Y., Rose Z., Morgan K., Matt S., Rebecca P. & Shannon L.
    A. Senior Exhibition 
     Senior Exhibition  SHS Senior Exhibition
    Senior Exhibition  Senior Exhibition
    Senior Exhibition  Senior Exhibition
    B.  Reception
    C. Ceremony
    NAHS  NAHS  
     17 NAHS Seniors received their graduation cords          2011-2012 Officers
                                                                                Alicia W. (Secretary), Jessica R. (V.P),
                                                                                Allison M. (President) and Emily W. (Treasurer) 
    2012 Honorees: Ms. Trussa, Michelle Janosky,        36 new members were inducted
    Mrs. Kerr & Andrea McGhee
    (We missed having you, Mrs. Pusti,  We 
    recognized you! ) Thank you, ladies, for being an
    Next year's officers: Jeannie L.(Treasurer), Allison S.(Secretary) & Kelsey F. (President) 
    A. Senior Exhibition
    Senior Exhibition art

    art art

    B.  Reception
    mmm...grapes, crackers, cheese, veggies, cookies & brownies

    C. Ceremony
    dr. clifford  advisors
    Thank you, Dr. Clifford for sharing with us! :)                               Advisors:  Ms. Barba & Mrs. Goodworth
    Mr. Jean Ms. Plain
    Honoree: Mr. Jean, Featured local artist    Honoree: Ms. Plain, Art Communitarian (President of Arts in Strongsville)
    mrs. sigan Mrs. harbart
    Honoree: Mrs. Sigan, art teacher at Chapman Elementary.  Honoree: Mrs. Harbart, art teacher at SHS
    art Seniors
    Honoree:  Ms. Hossfeld, art teacher at Albion Middle School      29 Seniors will receive graduation cords in the spring
    honorees NAHS
    Our inspiring honorees                                                                The first group inducted into the Strongsville Chapter

    The Society's first officers :)  Emily W., Leah H., Michelle J., Kevin W., Emily K.

    23 Seniors received their graduation cords to represent NAHS

     1. Deana Abuzarieh                        

    2. Carissa Bias                        

    3. Samantha Hartman           

    4. Kaitlin Gairing                        

    5. Melissa Kling                        

    6. Natalie Korlatowych            

    7. Sarah Leahy                       

    8. Trevor Mancuso                       

    9. Hannah Maxwell                       

    10. Ilona Melnichuk 

    11. Ema Middeldorf                     

    12. Kelly M. Novak 

    13. Katie Palko                    

    14. Heather Patterson        

    15. Rachel Pogozelski        

    16. Rebecca Reed                   

    17. Marissa Rinas                    

    18. Bernadette Rowe                   

    19. Laila Said                              

    20. Matt Schroth               

    21. Emily Szalkowski                 

    22. Sarah Vapenik                

    23. Maddie Winget 

     2013 graduates
    11 Seniors received their graduation cords to represent NAHS
    1. Collin Dille
    2. Kelsey Filut
    3. Ben Grossi
    4. Bailey Guyot
    5. Jeannie Leary
    6. Jamie Miles
    7. Rebecca Petro
    8. Matt Schomisch
    9. Husna Shariff
    1o. Carly VanCucha
    11. Laura Yurko
    2012 graduates
    17 Seniors received their graduation cords to represent NAHS
    1. Kayla Brighter
    2. Emmy Cohen
    3. Mitchel Hawk
    4. Kaytee Hild
    5. Shannon Jordan
    6. Danielle Keating
    7. Alexandra Long
    8. Rachel M.
    9. Samantha McLaughlin
    10. Allison McGhee
    11. Joshua Preda
    12. Jessica Reese
    13. Steven Seyler
    14. Emily S.
    15. Allison Vassanelli
    16. Alicia Weninger
    17. Emily Williams 
    2011 graduates 


    1. Heather B.

    2. Gloria Collins

    3. Michelle Drabish

    4. Sarah Evans

    5. Nataliya Gayday

    6. Leah H.

    7. Michelle Jankosky

    8. Emily Karadamis

    9. Erica Kowalski

    10. Daniela Leibovici

    11. Amy M.

    12. Liz O'Neill

    13. Daniel Poslet

    14. Vincent Rangone

    15. Deepak Sharma

    16. Olivia Urban

    17. Kevin Warman

    18. Brittany Y.