1. Lead Meetings
    2. Conduct the Induction Ceremony
    3. Required to meet the Thursday before a member meeting
        in order to create an agenda
    4. (Required to be an aide once a week for the whole year.)
    5. Will be asked to step down if you do not fulfill your duties.

    1.  Presides over all member meetings
    2.  Responsible for organization of fundraising activities
    3.  Final Responsibility for any and all activities of organization
    4.  (Produces 2 CHS NAHS Chapter Reports (400 words or less) for
         the NAHS National Newsletter) 
        (Due before November 1 & March 1)

    1.  Compiles a list of all current members emails, 2nd period   
         classroom number & teacher
    2.  Help lead induction ceremony
    3.  Works alongside the President to produce NAHS Chapter
         (Reports (400 words or less) for the NAHS National Newsletter)
        (Due before November 1 & March 1)

    1.  Make sure all members sign in at all members.
    2.  Must collect & organize credit documentation etc.
    3.  Works with Secretary of Membership to send invitations to
         members, inductees, and district Personnel for the induction
    4.  Responsible for advertisement of group activities & awards for
         various shows.  This includes newspapers.
    5.  (Collect high quality digital images of NAHS member artwork
         for the NAHS publication) (Due Nov. 1 & March 1)
    6.  Takes pictures at each meeting & event.  Makes scrapbook of
         years' activities.
    7.  Prepares the Program before induction and organizes
         cookie/punch table for the induction ceremony.
    8.  Records detailed notes for all officer meetings and member
         meetings.  Officer meeting notes are to be emailed to all officers
         and advisors.

    1. Files accurate records of all monetary matters within the chapter
    2. Collection of dues from members and inductees
    3. Responsible for recording membership participation in
        fundraising activities
    2019 - 2020 OFFICERS
    President: Olivia V.
    Vice President:  Miranda L.
    Secretary: Maddy S.
    Treasurer: Tessa T.
    2018 - 2019 OFFICERS
    President: Olivia V.
    Vice President: Miranda L.
    Secretary: Abby R.
    Treasurer: Tessa T.
    2017 - 2018 OFFICERS
    President:  Emily G.
    Vice President: Savannah H.
    Secretary: Lexie R.
    Public Relations: Meghan F.
    2016 - 2017 OFFICERS
    President: Emily G.
    Vice President: Jaret R.
    Secretary/Treasurer: Rubab S.
    2014-2015 OFFICERS
    PresidentMiranda L.
    Vice Presidents: Marissa H. & Shannon L.
    Secretary: Becky S.
    Treasurer: Megan C.
    2013-2014 OFFICERS
    President: Miranda L.
    Vice President: Carissa B.
    Secretary: Marissa H.
    Treasurer: Shannon L.

    2012-2013 OFFICERS
    President: Kelsey F.
    Secretary:  Jeannie L. 
    Treasurer: Collin D. & Miranda L.
    2014-2015 OFFICERS
    President: Miranda L.
    Vice Presidents: Marissa H. & Shannon L.
    Secretary:  Becky S. 
    Treasurer: Megan C.
    OFFICERS 2012-2013
    President: Kelsey F.

     Vice PresidentHaley D. 
     Secretary: Jeannie L. 
     TreasurerAllison S. 
    OFFICERS 2011-2012
    NAHS                                                  PresidentAllison M.
     Vice PresidentAlicia W. 
     SecretaryJessica R.
     TreasurerEmily W. 
    OFFICERS 2010-2011
    President: Emily K.

    Vice President: Kevin W.
    Secretary of Membership: Michelle J.
    Secretary of Publicity: Leah H.

    Treasurer: Emily W.