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    Reading Ideas for Parents 
    What do you think will happen in the story?
    Have the child repeat the common phrase of words or pattern of words from the story.
    If Your Child Has Difficulty With a Word:
    1. Look at the picture to help figure out what the word is.                  
    2. Have your child sound out the word.
    3. Look for little words in the word, such as to, in the word today.
    4. Read the sentence and use clues from the text to figure out the word.
    Comprehension Questions to Ask After Reading the Story:
    1. Who were the characters in the story?
    2. Where did the story take place (the setting)?
    3. What was the problem and solution of the story?
    4. Summarize and retell the story.
    5. What is the main idea of the story?
    6. Compare and contrast the story to another story you have read.
    Most importantly, have fun reading with your child!