• Ohio Master Teacher Program

    An Introduction to the Master Teacher (MT) Program


    Ohio SB 2 directed theEducator Standards Board (ESB) to define a “master teacher” in a manner that can be used uniformly byall districts and to adopt criteria to use in determining whether aperson is a master teacher. 


    The Master Teacher Program aligns with the new licensure structure.  The Master Teacher Program allowsteachers to demonstrate their practice based on The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession and satisfy one of therequirements for an advanced license.  


    Definition/Criteria of a MasterTeacher.

    A Master Teacherdemonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistentleadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning.  A Master Teacher strives for distinguishedteaching and continued professional growth as specified by The OhioStandards for the Teaching Profession. To be designated as a Master Teacher in Ohio, eligible educators mustclearly demonstrate and achieve exemplary scores in four of five areas on thescoring guide based on the following criteria.


    A.    Consistent Leadership:

    Master Teachers ensurestudent learning and well-being by participating in decision-making andinitiating innovations and improvements for school change. They are leaders whoempower and influence others. They engage in a variety of leadership roles and performthoughtful stewardship responsibilities for the school community and theprofession.


    B.    Focused C ollaboration:

    Master Teachers workwith educators, students, families and communities to create relationships;share knowledge, practice and responsibility; communicate effectively andsupport student learning. They respond to the needs of their colleagues and studentsin a timely and competent manner.


    C.     Distinguished Teaching - Focus on Students and Environment:

    Master Teachersanalyze individual and group student development to connect instruction tostudents’ needs, interests and prior knowledge. They strive to create an environmentthat engages learners in inquiry, promotes high levels of learning for allstudents and creates a culture of civility and success.


    D.     Distinguished Teaching - Focus on Content, Instructionand Assessment:

    Master Teachers have adeep and reflective understanding of the academic content they teach. They usemultiple assessments to evaluate student learning and inform instruction. Theycontinually reflect on student outcomes and make decisions to promote highlevels of learning for all students.


    E.     Continued Professional Growth:

    Master Teachers engagein continuous professional development and reflection. They use multiple resourcesto shape the focus and goals of their professional development includingstudent learning, assessment data, researched best practices and school anddistrict goals. They evaluate their personal growth, understanding andapplication of knowledge and develop an appropriate professional plan.


    Master Teacher Resources.

    Listed below, you will find links to Master Teacher guidance documents developed by Strongsville City Schools, as well as a link to the official Master Teacher site from the Ohio Department of Edcuation.