• The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP):

    Toward a Unified State System of Support


    Ohio is committed to the implementation of a unified system of support directly focused on improving the academic achievement of all students and student groups. The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is Ohio’s strategy for ensuring a systematic and coherent approach for building the capacity of all districts and schools in meaningful and real ways that allow districts to improve instructional practice on a district-wide basis, and make and sustain significant improvement in student performance against grade-level benchmarks aligned with academic content standards for all students across the district.


    The OIP offers a structured process for enacting the essential practices outlined in the Ohio Leadership Development Framework including (1) reviewing district and building data and making informed decisions about instructional practices and supports, and (2) creating and sustaining collaborative processes through a District Leadership Team (DLT), Building Leadership Teams (BLTs), and Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs). 

    You can click on the links below access the Strongsville City Schools District Implementation and Monitoring Plan from its original state through its annual revisions.  This is a comprehensive plan and one in which you will be able to view the progress being made in attaining our desired outcome of maximizing the achievement and growth of all students.  The graphic and calendars are hyperlinked to allow easy navigation through the document.