• Rembrandt's Self Portrait Print  Warhol's Pop Art Print
    (Prints by Rembrandt and Warhol)
    DESIGN & BEGINNING PRINTMAKING                     1 semester Credit: 0.5

    Prerequisites:  None.

    Students will be introduced to basic methods of printmaking, which will include monotype prints, linocut prints, stamping, found object collagraph prints, stencil prints, relief printing, and other interesting printing forms.  Students will become familiar with the various tools of printing, techniques of color overlaying, printing surfaces, printing papers and inks as explored in this class.  The printing process makes multiple copies of exciting original designs which are suitable for such uses as stationary, logos or t-shirt applications.  Students will complete weekly designs and drawings in a sketchbook.  Students will be required to supply a sketchbook and a pencil.  A lab fee will be charged. 

    Homework Sketches