• Ohio PTA Achievement Award (Founder's Day)

     Each unit has the opportunity to acknowledge a member for his/her outstanding contributions to our PTA efforts. Please contact your Council Delegate to nominate someone! All you need to do is to include the name of the nominee and a description of why he/she deserves to be honored.
    Helping Hands Award and Outstanding District Educator Award
     YOU are hard-working PTA volunteers who are passionate about making the educational experience the best that it can be for all students!  Volunteers should be recognized for their outstanding efforts.  In addition to the Ohio PTA Achievement Award (Founder's Day) the Helping Hands Award is an excellent way to honor exceptional volunteers!
    Strongsville also has educators, both teachers and administrators, who rise above all others to provide the best education and positive environment for our students. The Outstanding District Educator Award is a special way to honor those educators.
    GUIDELINES for choosing nominees for these awards can be found online at https://www.ohiopta.org/Programs#219119-awards
       This is the PROCESS for the Helping Hands and Outstanding District Educator awards: 
    1. Select nominee(s) for the award(s). 
    2. Submit nominee's name and application to Strongsville Council PTA (ATTN: Kelly Preseren) DEADLINE:  JANUARY 9, 2020.
    3. If Council PTA receives more than one nomination for each award, the officers from Council PTA will choose one nominee for each award. 
    4. One nominee for each award from Strongsville goes to PTA District 12 to be judged.
    5. District 12 will select one "winner" for each award. 
    6. District 12's "winners" will go on to be judged at the Ohio PTA level.
    7. Ohio PTA winners will be honored at the Ohio PTA Conference, April 2020. 
    Please educate your members about these awards.
    Should you have questions about these awards or the process, please contact Kelly Preseren Click here to send e-mail.
    Thanks for all that YOU do for PTA!!