• Services Provided by the Athletic Trainers at Strongsville High School

    Athletic Trainers (AT's) are experts:
      Working to prevent and treat musculoskeletal/sports-related injuries and illnesses, athletic trainers offer a continuum of care unparalleled in health care and are licensed professionals in the state of Ohio.   
      ATs are part of a team of health care professionals - we practice under the direction and in collaboration with physicians.  We have standard operating procedures that we function under from our Team Physicians, but when a student athlete is seen by another health care professional, they are under their care and we will need a written referral from that Physician or Physical Therapist to continue care. 
      ATs are specialists; they work with physically active people to prevent and treat injuries and conditions. 
      ATs aren't personal trainers, who focus solely on fitness, conditioning and performance enhancement.  AT's are licensed health care professionals.
    Athletic Trainers could save lives:
      Sports injuries can be serious.  Brain and spinal cord injuries and conditions such as heat illness can be life threatening if not recognized and properly handled.  ATs are there to treat acute injuries on the spot.  We have equipment that monitors the temperature & humidity and have Training Standards for practicing in the Heat and Humidity.
      Athletes have chronic illnesses, too.  People with diabetes and asthma can and do safely work and exercise, and the athletic trainer can help manage these critical health issues as they relate to physical exertion.  We take the time to go through the Emergency Medical Forms that are turned in to double check on potential issues that the student athlete may have. 
    Athletic Trainers are the primary component for the student athlete's health care:
    Athletic trainers are on-site, working with student athletes to avoid injuries; they're there when injuries happen, providing immediate care; and they provide rehabilitation afterward.  It's a continuum of care.  Athletic Trainers know their patients well because they are at the school every day.  Strongsville High School athletic training room is well equipped to provide a wide variety of services from evaluation to functional testing.  Though we are not on site for those teams that practice off site (Golf, Cross Country, Swimming, Gymnastics, Hockey), all coaches have our office & cell phone numbers and can contact us at anytime to schedule time for us to see an athlete.  This could be immediately (if brought to the Athletic Training Room) or to follow-up the next day, if the injury is not as serious.  The website & brochure that is passed out at Meet the Mustangs; contains those same numbers.  A parent can contact us, if a situation arises, that needs our immediate assistance. 
      The athletic trainers at SHS are all Master Assessors for the OHSAA wrestling weight certification program and offer that assessment to our wrestling athletes at no charge.
      The athletic trainers at SHS have been trained and fit all of the Football Helmets and mouthguards.  We also do periodic checks during the season to make sure proper fit is maintained for all freshmen, JV and Varsity level football players. 
      The athletic trainers perform baseline ImPACT testing for our student athletes, then will use this information when retesting those who have sustained a head injury, to assist with determining return to play. 
    Athletic trainers take responsibility and lower risk: 
      School administrators, athletic directors and coaches have their own jobs, which may pose a conflict of interest with athlete safety; they are not experts in managing injuries or sports-related illnesses, nor should they be responsible to do so. 
      Handling injuries at school in the athletic training room, rather than sending the patient to emergency department(if the injury is minor), saves money and time loss - and gets them back on their feet faster.
      Just as professional athletes do, student athletes at Strongsville High School have access to Licensed professional athletic trainers.  We provide coverage at all Home games with the exception to Golf.  All teams that practice on-site at Strongsville High School have access to an athletic trainer, and those off-site again are only a phone call away.