• Stephen BrecknerStephen Breckner
    Operations Manager

    The Business Services Office is responsible for overseeing a number of critical areas that help to keep the district running smoothly including:
    • Facility Planning, Management and Maintenance
    • Building Renovation and Construction
    • School Nutrition, Wellness Programs and Catering
    • Student Transportation
    • Safety Programs and Emergency Communication
    • Publications/Copy Services
    • Capital Budgeting

    The success of the business office is dependent upon the contributions of many individuals in their roles of custodian, maintenance, kitchen staff, bus drivers, and our department supervisors. In addition, the department works with faculty, administrators and other building support staff to deliver an excellent educational environment for students.


      Char Daugherty Char Daugherty
      Business Office Executive Secretary
      Phone: 440.572.7050
    Sinick   Lori Sinick

      Supervisor of Transportation
      Phone: 440.572.7061
      Email: lsinick@scsmustangs.org


    Chad Tucker   Chad Tucker, Assistant Transportation Supervisor
      Phone: 440.572.7060

    Robert Schwerman, Maintenance Foreman
    Phone:  440.572.7055
    Email:  rschwerman@scsmustangs.org