• Dave Binkley Jr.David Binkley
    Director of Instructional Technology

    Phone: 440.572.7067


    We are excited to have MakerSpaces in every building. These spaces include STEM/STEAM equipment, as well as house many other hands-on activities. Please
    visit our MakerSpace website for more information or to see how you can donate items.  

    As the Director of Instructional Technology, Binkley oversees the integration of technology in the instructional program, designing standards-based, technology-rich curriculum, modeling effective uses of instructional technology in the classroom, and researching new and emerging technologies, software, and grant opportunities. He also oversees the use of mobile and traditional computer labs, makes budget decisions related to technology, teaches technology related lessons, offers technology training workshops for teachers and collaborates with staff to assess and plan technology curriculum integration. In addition, Binkley supervises the technology staff and the building instructional technology coaches.
    Dave Binkley holds a BS in Chemistry from The Ohio State University, a MSEd in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Akron, a MAEd in Leadership in Technology for Teaching and Learning along with his coursework in administration from Baldwin Wallace Univesity. Before assuming his current position, he taught STEM, Science, Technology, and Mathematics classes at Buckeye Senior High School, Hudson High School, and Canton Central Catholic High School. He is also an Adjunct Instructor at Baldwin Wallace University teaching both Education classes, to preservice and current educators, and General Chemistry.

     Hamelic James Hamelic
       Network Manager
       Email: jhamelic@scsmustangs.org
       Phone: 440.572.7033

    Bob Hale   Bob Hale
      District AV Technician
      Email: rhale@scsmustangs.org
     Theresa Williamson  Theresa Williamson
      Technology Coordinator/Data Manager 
      Email: twilliamson@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7068
      Diane Meserini Diane Meserini 
      Technical Assistant
      Email: dmeserini@scsmustangs.org
    Scott Benson   Scott Benson 
      Coordinator of  Audio Visual
      Email: sbenson@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7032

      Brian Dougher
      Technical Assistant
      Email: bdougher@scsmustangs.org 
    Mark Ohm   Mark Ohm 
      Senior Technical Assistant
      Email: mohm@scsmustangs.org

      Mary Arpidone Mary Arpidone
    Executive Secretary

      Email: marpidone@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7030
     Jennifer Zacharaysz  Jennie Zacharyasz
      Senior Technical Assistant
      Email: jzacharyasz@scsmustangs.org