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Title I Program

Strongsville City Schools offers a Title I Reading Program in three elementary schools throughout the 2020-21 school year.  This is a targeted assistance program, serving students with the highest reading academic needs at the buildings that have the lowest socioeconomic status.

Direct services are provided in reading to K-3 students at elementary buildings.  These students are those who are most at risk of not meeting state standards in the area of reading based upon a rank-order list of criteria of every student in the grade levels.  Students to be served in Title I are strictly selected based on their academic needs. The Title I funding offers our schools a great opportunity to provide targeted assistance to improve outcomes for all children who qualify.

Important aspects of the Title I program:

  • The program allows the students who are struggling with reading to practice skills such as how letters are related to sounds, how the sounds make words etc., so they can read words and then full sentences.  The basis for the program is Fundations, a research-based Wilson Language program for grades K-3.  Additionally, guided reading focused on skill development is utilized.
  • Eligibility is determined based on scores from AIMSweb Plus along with objective classroom teacher recommendations.
  • No new core instruction takes place in the general education class if children leave the class for Title I services.  This is NOT a special education service. Students stay within their class for core reading and may go to the Title I instructor for additional review and specific intervention in the areas of weakness in reading. Or, services may be a push in model where the Title I teacher works in the general education classroom with designated students.

2111 - Parent & Family Involvement
2261- Title I Services
2261.01 - Parent Participation in Title I Programs

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