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families who are enrolling For the first time as new residents
should follow the instructions below.
Strongsville City Schools does not accept open enrollment or tuition students.

For Families Interested In Registering Incoming Kindergarten Students For 2024-2025 click HERE

Online Student Registration

To begin the enrollment process for the 2024-2025 school year , click here or on the SCS 2024-2025 enrollment image.   For online enrollment support through PowerSchool click here.

Enroll a Student

To Enroll Your Student In Preschool, contact the Early Learning Preschool at 440.572.7046.

How to Enroll Your Student(s) In Grades KG - 12

  1. Only parents, legal custodians and/or legal guardians can register students in the District.

  2. If moving in from another District, do not forget to sign a release form from your previous District so they can send us the appropriate information.

  3. Required documentation for enrollment 

  • Certified birth certificate or baptismal certificate
    • If the student was not born in the US, a copy of the photo page from the student's and parents' Passport or green card should be provided.  Also, for the student, a copy of the VISA photo page and entry stamp should be submitted.
  • Proof of Residency - a current utility bill in the parent/guardian’s name (gas, electric, water, sewer, or cable), a lease signed by the parent/guardian and landlord, or a purchase agreement signed by the parent/guardian and seller. A cell phone bill is not acceptable.
    • If the parent/guardian does not have a one of these documents, a notarized residency affidavit (available on our website under families or during online registration) along with 2 documents from the parent/guardian and 2 documents from the homeowner will be needed. Please see the instruction page for a list of acceptable documents. 
  • Immunization record 

  • Certified verification of legal custody/guardianship - If the child is not living with both biological parents, provide a certified copy of the Divorce Decree/Dissolution AND Shared Parenting Plan, if applicable; or provide a certified Judgment Entry showing custody.  A certified copy has a stamp showing it has been filed with the court and is signed by a judge.

  • Parent/Guardian state or federal issued photo ID (Must be valid).

                 4. Click here to to begin the online student enrollment process student for the 2024-25 School Year.  
                               Is your student attending one of our elementary schools but you don't know which one? Find My Elementary School 

* Please note: SCS Full Day Kindergarten is a tuition-based program. Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $2,200.00.  


The District provides student transportation for elementary, middle and high school students in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. At the time of enrollment, the Registrar will determine if the student is eligible for school transportation and provide the bus stop information detailing pick up and drop off location and time for each enrolled student. Summer registrants may have the information mailed directly to the new student's Strongsville home address.

Strongsville City Schools, per current Board of Education policy, will provide transportation to and from the school to which your child is assigned as long as your street is not listed on the Non-Busing Streets by Building list. This list contains streets that are generally within one mile of each school.

Class Scheduling

Upon successful enrollment, class schedules can be developed for middle and high school students.. 

  • Middle school students will select electives after the registration process is complete. The Registrar will share the appropriate link(s) via email at that time.

  • High school students must make an appointment with the high school guidance department to set their class schedule. The phone number of the high school Guidance Office will be provided to parents by the Registrar upon completion of enrollment.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Services at 440.572.7048.