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EdPuzzle is is an online video engagement and formative assessment tool. EdPuzzle allows educators to utilize videos (from web sources like YouTube or even videos with Screencastify) to create quick activities by adding formative questions, additional voiceover comments, and more. Options include prevent students from advancing a video if a question is answered incorrectly or prevent skipping any of the video content. The dashboard provides key formative data like number of attempts per question, percent correct, and item analysis. 

Just Looking for EdPuzzle tutorials?
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What Are the Fundamental Skills to earn a Certified Badge?

New  EP Certified Badge
  1. Locate a video and add questions
  2. Understand the variety of question types available
  3. Assign the EdPuzzle to your class through Google Classroom
  4. Analyze the data for formative information 


How does one earn a EdPuzzle certified badge?

  • Experience Google Classroom as a student (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

  • Interact with the tutorials and Assess your skills/knowledge gained (STEP 1)

  • Create a product (STEP 2)

  • Engage your students (STEP 3)

  • Reflect on the experience and implementation of the instructional technology tool (STEP 4)

New E Master Badge