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Gimkit is a quiz learning game. Teachers, or even students, creating "kits" (live learning games) to create the interactive experience. These multiple choice question kits can be created from scratch, import an existing quiz from Quizlet or a CSV file, or copy/modify shared kits from the gallery. You also have the option to schedule a kit as an assignment with the due date. As students complete kits, students earn money to reinvest in Gimkit upgrades that align with their strengths. Teachers can use the dashboard to view formative data.

Just Looking for GimKit tutorials?
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What Are the Fundamental Skills to earn a Certified Badge?

New  GK Certified Badge
  1. Create a class roster within GimKit
  2. Create a Gimkit
  3. Host a GimKit

  4. Join a GimKit 

  5. Teacher functions during gameplay

  6. Learn about different student powers-ups


How does one earn a GimKit certified badge?

  • Experience Google Classroom as a student (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

  • Interact with the tutorials and Assess your skills/knowledge gained (STEP 1)

  • Create a product (STEP 2)

  • Engage your students (STEP 3)

  • Reflect on the experience and implementation of the instructional technology tool (STEP 4)

New GK  Master Badge