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Pear Deck


Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool combining formative assessment techniques and social learning to engage students both synchronously and asynchronously. Gain quick access to formative information to guide your teaching, provide lessons on Digital Citizenship, conduct a SEL check, and more. All you need to get started is that Google Slides deck you already made and a few clicks later you have an engaging lesson.  

Just Looking for Pear Deck tutorials?
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What Are the Fundamental Skills to earn a Certified Badge?

New  PD  Certified Badge
  1. Create a Google Slides deck
  2. Add interactive elements: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Number, Drawing Slides, Draggable Slides, Embedding Websites

  3. Creating interactive slides from Pear Deck templates

  4. Presenting an interactive Pear Deck slideshow
    a.  Teacher-paced presentation and the teacher dashboard
    b.  Student-:paced presentations

  5. Important Settings for Google Classroom & Student Takeaways

How does one earn a Pear Deck certified badge?

  • Experience Google Classroom as a student (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

  • Interact with the tutorials and Assess your skills/knowledge gained (STEP 1)

  • Create a product (STEP 2)

  • Engage your students (STEP 3)

  • Reflect on the experience and implementation of the instructional technology tool (STEP 4)