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        Screencastify is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to record, edit, and share videos of your computer screen. Recordings can easily be shared via email, embedding code, YouTube, Google Classroom / Drive, and more. 

Just Looking for Screencastify tutorials?
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What Are the Fundamental Skills to earn a Certified Badge?

New  S  Certified Badge
  1. How to record your computer screen utilizing the correct recording mode
  2. Trim a recording
  3. How to share the Screencastify recording in the best manner to reach your audience


How does one earn a Screencastify certified badge?

  • Experience Google Classroom as a student (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

  • Interact with the tutorials and Assess your skills/knowledge gained (STEP 1)

  • Create a product (STEP 2)

  • Engage your students (STEP 3)

  • Reflect on the experience and implementation of the instructional technology tool (STEP 4)

New S Master Badge