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Financial Prudence

Financial Prudence is one of the three District’s goals.  Strongsville City Schools continues to look at efficiencies and cost savings measures to manage the finances of our District, always striving to make the best use of funds provided by our community. With State funds decreasing for our District over the next few years, it is critical to continue to find efficiencies in our operations, while still providing the very best in educational opportunities for our students.

Through the District’s proactive diligence, we were able to generate the following savings and efficiencies while still providing an exemplary educational experience for our students:

  • Since 2010, the District eliminated six (6) buildings and repurposed one (1) building to save resources and maximize educational offerings.
    • Allen closed in 2010; Demolished in 2013.
    • Zellers closed in 2015; Repurposed in 2016
    • Drake, Albion, Center, OPS, and Board Office closed in June 2016; Demolished/Sold by 2017.
  • During FY 14, the District switched to a fully insured health care plan. Since the switch, the District has saved $4.6 million through fiscal year 2017 by being on a self-funded plan compared to a fully insured plan.
  • Since 2009, there are 199 less positions compared to FY 2018, a 22% decline keeping pace with declining enrollment. If enrollment decline continues, the School District projects to reduce 13 in FY 2019.
    • FY 2016 – Reduced 24 positions (all funds). ($1.4 million in savings)
    • FY 2017 – Reducing 19 positions (all funds). ($500 thousand in savings)
    • FY 2019 – Reducing 13 positions. ($800 thousand in savings)
      Note: The discrepancy in savings in FY 2017 compared to the other years is due to the type of positions that were reduced.  In FY 16, 18, & 19, the majority of the reductions were teaching positions, while in FY 17, the majority of reductions were in Aides.
  • Other Cost Efforts and Efficiencies:
    • In FY 16, the District implemented Ohio Online Learning Program and now the Strongsville Academy to retain students in the District, which is projected to save $200K annually.
    • Continuation of student fee collection procedures implemented.
    • Change in District Investment Strategy coupled with increasing interest rates. General Fund interest increased by $106,157 from FY 16 to FY 17 from $37,333 to $143,490.
    • Financial Transparency – In 2016-2017, our District received the following awards based on financial reporting:
      • Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Meritorious Budget Award for the District’s FY 2017 budget presentation. This award is the highest standard for school districts to attain when formulating their budget presentation and financial plan.  Strongsville is only one of four Ohio school districts to receive this award.  First time recipient.
      • Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for the District’s FY 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). First time recipient.
      • Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the District’s FY 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). First time recipient.