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    David Frazee, Board President
    Strongsville City Schools
    Board of Education
  • Statement
    The Strongsville City Schools (SCS) Board of Education received an official 10-day warning notification letter indicating that the SCS teaching staff will go on strike starting on March 4, 2013. The Board of Education received this notice Thursday morning, February 21, from the Strongsville Education Association (SEA).

    We are extremely disappointed that our union has decided to take this action. It is certainly not what we and our community expected. Before negotiations, we long provided our teachers with an extremely competitive compensation/benefit package in the state. We negotiated in good faith. We presented a contract proposal that reflected current economic realities. We had hoped that the teachers would continue to teach during negotiations.

    Frankly, it is hard to comprehend why a strike notice was issued when we are still in negotiations. The teachers will lose their pay and benefits while they are on strike. Regardless of the reasoning behind the teachers’ decision to strike, Strongsville City Schools will remain open.

    We are starting the process of hiring licensed substitute teachers. We will also engage a leading provider of strike management services for assistance in helping us make a smooth and orderly transition to a substitute teaching team. We will ensure our schools remain a safe, learning environment for our students with qualified teachers in place.

    We will keep the community informed about schedules, sporting events, procedures and meetings. We will begin to communicate our plans weekly. The community will find that we have made every effort to be prepared for this work stoppage.

    The school board continues to seek community input. As part of this process, the board reminds the community to email the board and superintendent at boardofeducation@strongnet.org to provide input or ask questions.
    • February 22 - Advertising starts for substitute teachers
    • February 25 - Meeting with federal mediation
    • March 4 - Possible teacher strike begins. Qualified substitutes will be in place at all
    • March 7 - Board Meeting - CANCELLED
  • Salaries


    The topic of employee salaries in the Strongsville City Schools is sensitive. Some believe salaries and benefits are too high, others say too low. Some think salaries should be kept secret.  Others think they should be disclosed. By law, employee salaries are public information. Our employees are proud of their work and merit a good wage. As a Board, we do not begrudge our employees their pay. However, we must acknowledge the financial realities of our District. For those who are interested in this public information, it can be found by CLICKING HERE on this link provided by the Ohio Department of Education. Benefits add an additional 10.3%.


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  • News Bulletin
    Board Members Want You To Know...

    Typically, as board members, we are asked questions on a broad range of subjects. In more recent days, most questions are associated with labor relations topics. While we are committed to transparent leadership and being responsive, we want you to know that answering questions specific to negotiations is not appropriate while negotiations are in progress. However, unless you request otherwise, all concerns you have will be shared with the full board.

    We appreciate your interest in the district’s negotiations and hope you understand why every question you ask may not receive a detailed response. Also, it is quite possible that responses to specific inquiries may be general. We want to bargain in good faith with our valued employees.

    Strongsville City Schools
    Board of Education

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