SHS Ski and Snowboard Club
    We will continue our normal Wednesday outings for this week 2/20 and next week 2/27 

    2/6/19 Club Day is CANCELLED due to incoming Rains.
    Rescheduled for a later date.
    Next week Club Day is still in session.
    We may double up and go out two times next week.
    We're pushing the end of the February, and not much snow is available
    in March.  So, we may go two times during the next two weeks.  
    This is just a heads-up as to what is being discussed among advisors.
    Mr. Mott

    1/23/19 Club Day is CANCELLED due to incoming Rains.
    Resheduled for Wed. 2/20
    Next week Club Day is still in session.

    SHS Ski / Snowboard
    STARTS this Wednesday, 1/16
    Bring all Equipment in Equipment Bags to Rm 706A
    We will leave SHS 2:50pm and return around 8:30pm.
    Think Snow!  :)

    1/9/19 Club Day is CANCELLED
    Rescheduled for Wed. 2/13/19
    We will Start our Club Wed. 1/16/19
    Brandywine emailed me and said that Brandywine will be CLOSED during our scheduled Club Week.

    Start Date:  Wednesday, 1/9/19
    Bring your equipment to Rm 706A - By the water fountain
    All Equipment must be in travel bags.  

     Skiiers and Snowboarders!!

    Time has arrived ... New Season Starting NOW!

    2017-18 Ski/Snowboard Club Information

    2017-18 Ski/Snowboard Club Registration - START HERE!

    Registration Period: NOW thru Friday, 11/10 - Regular Registration Period

    Late Registration: 11/11-11/17 - $10 late fee will be assessed. 

    ONE Bus will fill up quickly!  Get your friends together and join together as a group!!

    Some Changes:

         1)  3 week registration period!
         2)  Club Members pay BMBW for program.  Pay Mr. Mott for bus!
         3)  Club Members have priority over "Bus Only" students.  "Bus Only" will fill in any remaining seats after club registration closes on a first come, first serve basis!

    Many thanks for a GREAT year! (2/8/17)
    Many thanks to everyone who helped make this year a great year!  There are a lot of logistical issues that occur and the following people have helped me out greatly!  A GREAT-BIG SHOUT OUT goes out to: Mr. Sack, Ms. Daniels, and Ms. Habercorn!  Without their help and advice, many things would not have happened this year.  If you see these people in the halls of SHS, please thank them - they earned it!
    Many thanks to each and every Club Member!  Things got a little crazy with the opening of a new bus, but you took it in stride and kept calm so things could work themselves out.  You helped unload the equipment room in a quick and orderly manner (yes, you needed help with organizing, but at least you listened to me...).  We had a terrible weather season, but hats off to BMBW for keeping a good base of snow for us to have fun on!!  We still had a great time and the slopes, believe it or not, were always in good shape!  We had one night of rain, but hey!, it's Northeast Ohio winter!  We took it in stride and kept the fun levels high!
    We tried to run a trip to Holiday Valley Ski Resort, but it was CANCELLED due to lack of interest (or snow availability concern --- it rained and hit record high temperature levels the days before the trip due date).  Oh well, we'll try again next year.
    Have a great rest of the year and summer!  Until next fall - Think Snow!  :)
    Mr. Mott

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the first Wednesday in January (1/4/17) after we return from break!
    Please have your equipment in an equipment bag for their safety and ours. 
     2016-17 Club Registration Information
     Make Checks out to Strongsville City Schools. 
    This link contains all the pricing and club operation information!! 
    If you need information, SEE or contact Mr. Mott ASAP in Rm 706 for details!!  :)
    Bring your friends!  If they don't know how to ski/snowboard, we'll show them how!!
    It's a great time with great people!
    Register NOW! 

    Plan on Skiing/Snowboarding unless you hear differently at school or via Text Messages.  Go to this ski/snowboard webpage and read the scrolling marquee at the top, and/or go to the Ski/Snowboard Facebook page and read it.
    Text Alert Sign Up for Text Message Reminder / Alerts!
    1)  Send a text message to 240-428-2911
    2)  Message to send:  @shssnow 
    3) To Unsubscribe, just simply reply with the word "stop".
                               4)  All members will be deleted or "unsubscribed" at the end of the season.  :)
       **Bring all equipment, IN BAGS, to the custodial closet next to Room 714.**
    Itinerary of Club Events: 
     1)  At the end of the school day, we will meet outside the Equipment Room
     2) We will then work as a group to unload the Equipment Room so that everyone can get their equipment quickly and efficiently.  We need everyone's cooperation in this matter.  Think to help the group - not just about yourself!
     3)  We will then move to the bus that will be located in the front of SHS.  We will quickly load the bus and leave as soon as possible.  Hopefully, this will be around 2:45pm-2:50pm.  (1st day may be an exception as passes are distributed, attendance taken, etc. - but will leave before 3pm, but plan on being in the bus as close to 2:30pm as possible.) 
    4)  Upon arrival at BM, we will be greeted by a resort Ski Patrol member who will inform us of the slope conditions, to be safe in your actions, and lesson times and locations.  Also, the location of bus loading and time of bus loading will be announced for when our Club Session ends.
    5)  Owners will move into the building and rent lockers to store their unused stuff.  Please bring money for locker rentals.  Anything not in a locker could be stolen and SHS/BM is not responsible for stolen material.  Locks for your skiis/boards is also encouraged.
    6)  Renters will move to two areas:  Snowboarders will go in the door, turn to their right, and go up the stairs for their Snowboard rentals.  Skiiers will go in the door, turn right, go down the hallway and follow the signs for their ski equipment rentals.
    7)  Any special requests must be verbalized to the Ski/Snowboard Club Advisors so that the issue can be addressed as soon as possible. 
    8)  Skiing/Snowboarding will take place from the time we arrive until 7:30pm in which an announcement will be made for SHS Club members to leave the slope and prepare for boarding of their bus.
    9)  BUS LEAVES AT 8pm!!  DO NOT BE LATE!  If you do not let someone know that you will be late, your ski/snowboard privileges for the following week may be revoked.  Do not inconvenience the entire CLUB logistics by being selfish or unaware!
    10)  Bus will arrive at SHS around 8:30-8:45pm.  Please have your pick up at SHS at that time.  Please do not park in the bus lanes in front of the school, but rather on the parking lot side of the school entranceway. 

    Advisors: Mr. Mott, Mr. Sack, Ms. Daniels

    This site is devoted to the students of SHS Ski and Snowboard Club. All Levels of skiers/snowboarders are welcomed. Registration will occur in early October and November. Club Activities usually start on the first Wednesday after Winter Break. Talk to your friends and enjoy a fun outdoor activity in the winter wonderlands or Boston Mills Ski Resort!