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    Join us!   Membership Form available HERE
    Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Officers
    Presidents : Lauren Gregory
                        Kyle Perisutti           
     Secretary: Michelle Kahle
    Event Planners: Makaela Marasigan,   Sydney Reik,   McKenzie Reik
                                     Andrea Ciobanu                Maharti Venkatesh 
    Day of the Dead
    Hispanic Heritage Month promotion
    International Food Festival 
    Restaurant Visits
    Social Activities
    This design w/ our name! T-shirts $14.00, Long Sleeve Shirts $18.00 and Crew Necks $24.00! Make checks payable to Strongsville HS. (Due by October 24th) See Sra. Stroup if an extension is necessary.
    Last year's design still available. Sizes are limited. See below.
    Lo que hacemos en el club de español:
    (What we do in Spanish Club:)
    - ¡Tenemos fiestas!  (We have parties!)
    - ¡Comemos comida latinoamericana! Tenemos fiestas de tacos, quesadillas, y fiestas del Día de los Muertos. (We eat Latin American food!  We have taco, quesadilla and Day of the Dead parties.)
    - ¡Bailamos!  (We dance.)
    - ¡Vendemos flores de chocolate por el Día de San Valentín!  (We sell chocolate suckers for Valentine´s Day.)
    - ¡Miramos películas en español y charlamos en español!  (We watch movies in Spanish and chat in Spanish.)
    - ¡Aprendemos cultura!  (We learn culture.)
    - ¡Nos divertimos!  (We have fun!)
    LAST year's shirts:(with our name) limited supply available Only $5.00 See Mrs. Stroup immediately!




    Purpose: (1) To promote peace through understanding among all peoples of the Earth
    (2) To increase Cultural Awareness of Strongsville High School by sponsoring
    activities that promote understanding and goodwill