Albion Middle School has recognized a need for an after school academic intervention program to assist our 7th and 8th grade students. The Albion Academy was created to fulfill that need. The Academy meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:00-4:00 in the Media Center. Tutors from Albion Middle School and the Strongsville Youth Commission will be available to provide academic assistance to students. There will also be an Albion Middle School staff member present to monitor and provide assistance when needed. The daily assignments from each 7th and 8th grade Team will be displayed on a computer projection screen to remind students of upcoming work that is due. Completed work is turned in to the monitor and placed in the teachers mailbox at the conclusion of the Academy. Students are allowed to use electronic devices and headphones to listen to music while they complete their assignments. At the conclusion of the Academy, parents can pick up their child at 4:00 in the front of the school. If you have any questions, please call Assistant Principal Mike Vukovich at 572.7070. Thank you.
    "The thing I like best about the Albion Academy is the chance to work with my friends in a controlled environment and studying with tutors that I know."   - Albion Student 
     "I like the fact that I actually get my homework done and it is helping my grades." - Albion Student
     "It is a great place to do homework and get help if needed." - Albion Student
    "I like that I can do homework while listening to music." - Albion Student
    "It gives me time to do my homework with little interruptions." - Albion Student
    "I like that we can get help with things we need." - Albion Student