Strongsville High School Athletic Eligibility

  • Eligibility Checklist:

    Before an athlete can play, they must be eligible. Please review the following checklist. Unchecked boxes will likely mean athlete is NOT eligible. For questions, see your principal or athletic administrator.


    ❑ Athlete is officially enrolled in an OHSAA member high school or participating in accordance with state law.

    ❑ Athlete is enrolled in at least five one credit courses or the equivalent, each of which counts toward graduation.

    ❑ Athlete received passing grades in at least five one credit courses or the equivalent, each of which count toward graduation, during the last grading period.

    ❑ Both  parents live in Ohio (or the parent with custody, due to divorce or having never been married, lives in Ohio).

    ❑ Athlete has not changed schools without a corresponding move by  parents or legal guardian or by qualifying for one of the exceptions to the OHSAA transfer regulation.

    ❑ If athlete changed schools (transferred), they have followed up with the new school to ensure that all proper forms (if applicable) have been submitted to the OHSAA Office.

    ❑ Athlete has not been enrolled in high school for more than eight semesters.

    ❑ Athlete understands they will become ineligible once they turn 20 years old.

    ❑ Athlete has not received an award, equipment or prize valued at greater than $200 per item.

    ❑ Athlete is competing under their true name and have provided the school with their correct home address.

    ❑ Athlete has not competed in a mandatory open gym/facility, conditioning or instructional program.

    ❑ Athlete has not been coached or provided instruction by a school coach in a team sport other than during the sport season, during an instructional period approved by the OHSAA or for no more than 10 days between June 1 and July 31.

    ❑ Athlete is not competing on a non-school team or in non-school competition as an individual during the school team’s season in the same sport.

    ❑ Athlete has not been recruited for athletic purposes to attend this school.

    ❑ Athlete has not using anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

    ❑ Athlete has had a physical examination within the past year and it is on file at the school.

    ❑ Athletes and parents attended a preseason meeting at the school which the OHSAA requires to be held no later than two weeks after the beginning of each sports season. We viewed a presentation prepared by the OHSAA to review key eligibility issues, healthy lifestyles and sporting behavior.

    ❑ The school also reviewed with  parents and athlete its concussion management protocol,  reviewed and signed the Ohio Department of Health’s “Concussion Information Sheet” prior to participation and  reviewed a short presentation on concussions available at no cost at

    ❑ Athlete and parents have signed the OHSAA Authorization Form and the OHSAA Eligibility and Authorization Statement, and they are on file at my school.


    What if Grades are Lower than 2.0?

    If a student's grades for the quarter preceding his/her sport are less than a 2.0:


    ❑ The student will be notified by his/her coach that his/her parent must contact the athletic department.

    ❑ After being contacted by the parent, the athletic department will establish an eligibility contract

    ❑ A portion of every contract will include weekly progress reports, which must be completed by student and returned on Thursdays to maintain eligibility.

    ❑ Other stipulations may be mutually agreed upon as a portion of the student's contract to maintain eligibility.