• Mr. Adam MarinoAdam Marino
    Principal—Kinsner Elementary

    (440) 572-7120

    Adam Marino was named Principal of Kinsner Elementary in 2014. As Principal of Kinsner Elementary School, Adam Marino assists in developing partnerships to help children reach their fullest potential.

    Mr. Marino said, “We want students to be able to think and solve problems. It is my sincere belief that all students can and will learn if the information presented to them is done in such a way that the student can grasp it. I believe in always growing and improving, and we will continue to strive for greatness in all aspects of what schools provide, such as, academics, social and emotional learning. In any one school year, when parents and the teachers work as a team; success can be attained.”

    Marino earned a B.A. from the University of Mount Union in Elementary Education and Psychology. He holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Ashland University. Marino also currently teaches graduate level course work through Communicate Institute.

    Prior to becoming the principal of Kinsner Elementary, Mr. Marino was a Teacher for 8 years at both the elementary and middle school levels. He also served as an Assistant Principal at Strongsville High School and Center Middle School.

    Mary Arpidone, Secretary
    (440) 572-7120
    Judy Nitzsche, Educational Support Aide
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