• Mrs. Justina PetersJustina Peters
    Principal—Muraski Elementary

    (440) 572-7160


    Justina Peters was named the Principal of Muraski Elementary in 2008. Peters helps to create a safe environment for students to learn and grow. She helps to instruct students at their individual educational; level to improve academic success. She takes part in promoting a positive environment—academically and socially. Mrs. Peters supports teachers with all academic and behavioral needs to provide the best possible education for students at Muraski.

    Mrs. Peters earned a B.S. in Education from Kent State University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Ashland University. She has just completed her 25th year in Elementary Education.

    Prior to becoming the Principal at Muraski, Peters taught 10 years at the elementary level. From 1990-2000 she was a Teacher at Keystone Local Schools where she was a former Basketball and Volleyball Coach. Peters was also the Principal at Vincent Elementary in Clearview, Adjunct Professor for both Bowling Green State University and Ashland University, and the Facilitator for on-line math programs at Miami University from 2009-2015.

    Nancy Surak, Secretary
    (440) 572-7160
    Kathy Cubar, Educational Support Aide
    (440) 572-7160