Welcome to the Captains' Log - 2020-2021

  • Welcome to Strongsville Middle School Captains' LOG
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    The Captains' Team of teachers:  Joanne Scott - Team Leader (ELA & SS), Lori Coulter(ELA & SS), Audrey Smolik(Math&SS), Katie Glueck(Math & SS),Stacey Armstrong(Intervention Specialist & co-teacher with Joanne Scott's ELA class), & John Lipowski (Science & MS 1.0)
    We are looking forward to a rewarding year.  As we face the new frontier in this 2020-2021 school year, we look forward to maximizing our potential to develop, engage and celebrate our students’ interests and skills throughout our combined curriculum and Strongsville Middle School activities.  As your child’s teachers, it is our responsibility to provide your child with appropriate and beneficial learning environment.  Please have your student check their emails daily and Google Classroom.  Grades are updated weekly on POWERSCHOOL.  Also, students should refer to POWERSCHOOL weekly to find missing assignments and to check their grades!   
    Please feel free to contact us at anytime with comments and/or questions by note, assignment notebook, e-mail or phone call 440- 572-7090. 
    Email is the quickest way to communicate with us!! Thank you so much for all your support!  We care about each and every one of your students.