Strongsville Middle School

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Welcome to the Pioneers team at Strongsville Middle School!
Mrs. Kubek   Mr. Misencik   Mr. Port   Mrs. Baker  
We couldn't be more excited about the school year!  What a unique situation we all find ourselves in.  Everybody--from the principal to the cafeteria workers, the custodians to the tech staff, the students to the teachers--finds him or herself in a brand new school, figuring out how to get from one room (or floor) to another in just three minutes!  As big as it is, though, it's even more clean, and bright, and new.  The opening of the new middle school represents lots of work from a lot of different people, for which we're all very thankful.  In fact, we keep having to pinch ourselves to make sure it's real and not just a dream!
What we're most excited about, though, is our students!  It's already been a great start, and we're looking forward to a sensational year together.  We hope that we get to meet each of you in person as the year goes on, or at least communicate on the phone or through email.
Our team page will be a place to find out about upcoming events for the team and school, to see some of the awesome things we're doing in and out of the classroom, and to check homework assignments for all the teachers on the Pioneers team.  Stop by often to see what's going on! 
 Pioneer Space Probes                   Wilma Rudolph, Sports Pioneer          Mr. Misencik, Early Pioneer Settler                Albert Einstein, Science and Math Pioneer                        
What's a PIONEER?
According to the dictionary, a pioneer is a lot of different things: the first to enter or settle an area, or the earliest to study in a particular field, or to champion a cause, or to try a new procedure.  It was also the name of a series of space probes sent out by NASA, to . Being a pioneer has to do with being the earliest, the first, or original.  To borrow a phrase from the back of our SMS Spirit shirts (which borrowed a phrase from a popular sci-fi show), it has to do with "boldly going where no one has gone before."
In a very real sense, we're all pioneers this year at SMS.  Not one of us can really say, "Been here, done that."  But not every student or teacher is on the PIONEERS team!  We're very glad that your son or daughter is, though, and we'll do everything in our power as teachers to encourage all of the PIONEERS to go where they've never been before, and to break new ground academically, as well as in other ares of their lives.  With that in mind, buckle up!  It's just about that time . . .
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Blast Off!  
Pioneers Team Incentive Program 
Click on the link below to see the letter to parents about our first positive behavior incentive of the year.  We're planning to have one incentive period per quarter, capped off by a special activity for all who qualify each time.  Look for more details in the weeks ahead, about how you can get involved to make the incentive activities extra-special events for all the qualifiers.