Strongsville Middle School

Excellence in Academics-Art-Athletics

Welcome 7th Grade Seekers !
Seekers Teachers: Click on the teacher's name to go to their website.

Mrs. Fitzgerald          Mrs. Gundlah (Team Leader)          Mr. Hertel          Ms. Leach   


You can contact us by phone during the school day at 440-572-7090 or you may email us at the addresses below.

Mrs. Fitzgerald at 

Mrs. Gundlah at 

Mr. Hertel at 

Ms. Leach at 


Seeker Team Supplies:

-Dividers (2-3 packages)

-1 1/2 inch binders of varying colors (4)

-single subject notebook (4)

-#2 pencils

-red pens

-highlighter (2)

-loose-leaf paper

-calculator TI-30XIIS

-composition notebook (2)

- 2 pocket folder with brads

- One 2 pocket folder with holes to fit in math binder

-notecards (2 packs)

-pencil pouch or supply box

-colored pencils

-markers (8 pack of colors)

-glue stick



-dry erase markers


From the supplies listed above, this is what needs brought to each class:   

Language Arts

 _____ 1.  3-ring binder (1 ½ inch)

______2.  Notebook paper

______3.  Spiral notebook

 ______ 4.  Pack of dividers

 _____ 5.  Highlighters


_____1.  2 Composition Notebooks

_____2.  1 Two Pocket Folder with brads

_____3.  2 Glue Sticks

_____4.  1 Highlighter


Social Studies:The following items will need to be in binders for periodic inspections:

_____1.  3-ring binder (1 ½-2-inch metal spine)

_____2.  1 jumbo size fabric book cover

_____ 3.   Five dividers



Math: All supplies below are listed on the team supplies list, do not buy extra.

_____1. 3-ring binder (1 ½-2 inch)

_____ 2. dividers

_____3. 1 pencil pouch with: a highlighter, pen, #2 pencils, markers, calculator, glue stick, & scissors 

_____4. 1 pocket folder with holes to fit in math binder

_____5. loose leaf paper and a spiral notebook that fits in binder 

 As the year progresses, additional or replacement materials may be needed.