• Welcome to the Vanguard!
    Mrs. Novak   Mrs. Pinciotto   Mrs. Sharkus   Mr. Hubbell  Mr. Cletzer 
     The Vanguard mascot is a symbol of strength, leadership,
    service and readiness to face new challenges. The word
    itself suggests innovation and forward thinking.
    Team Twitter: @smsvanguard

    Team Philosophy:

    “Our team strives to create a learning environment that prepares students to apply content information with real world application, in anticipation of future academic endeavors.

    We encourage connections between all disciplines, as well as building home and school collaboration.

    We strive to have students develop a responsibility for their education and to actively participate in and be accountable for their learning.”

    Students will be expected to uphold the district wide PRIDE model.


    Prepared: Students are expected to arrive to class on time, with all necessary materials and work.

    Respect: Students will show respect to all members of the school community including themselves, as well as materials and property.

    Inclusive: Students are expected to treat all members as valued participants of the learning community.

    Determined: Students will be expected to put forth conscientious effort in all classroom areas, including consistent attendance.

    Engaged: Students are expected to participate in class both actively and inactively.