• Our next Project Support Meeting will be:


    May 22, 2019

    3:00 - 4:15

     We've got a really sweet way to end this school year!

     This will just be for the friends we've made this year.  Look for a special invitation to this meeting!


     If you haven't been able to join us this year we'll be back with some fun, new activities in August.  Hope to see you then!


    Project Support is an inclusive group of students who promote school and community involvement.  Interested in being a part of a great group of people who like to make friends and have fun?  This is the group for you!


    Project Support is open to everyone!  You don’t have to come to all of our meetings or outings, but the more the merrier.


    We will be meeting once a month at school as well as sponsoring get-togethers in the community.  Join us to meet new people and enjoy activities that everyone can be involved with.  

     Keep up with what is going on with Project Support by signing up for Remind updates.  Directions are here