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    I teach 6th Grade Keyboarding, 7th Grade Technology Applications, and 8th Grade Technology at SMS.


    As a general rule all work is completed in the computer lab, and there is no "homework." This doesn't mean that no work outside of the normal period is necessary, but that I give class time to complete all projects and sometimes students do not utilize it well. At times they need to get lab time during IE or after school, or want to work at home. If they have Microsoft Office, I do not discourage working from home as long as students are using their class time, too. Also, not everyone has the Office suite, so I do not require working from home.

     I utilize Google Classroom to post assignments, documents, rubrics, and all projects.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at:

    mkirkland@scsmustangs.org  (best method)