"be not like dumb, driven cattle
    be a hero in the strife"
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    This I Believe About Education
    •I believe that teachers are more responsible for the questions than the answers.  I believe that authentic learning takes place when you question, examine, and explore.  I believe that teenagers know more than anyone ever gives them credit for and less than they sometimes think ;-).
    • I believe that through literature, we learn to understand and empathize with others.  I believe that books teach us about ourselves and that everyone has a story to tell, especially you.
    • I believe that writing takes natural talent and focused effort.  Superior writers have both.
    • I believe that students learn more by doing and discussing than by listening but that people don't learn if they don't listen. 
    • I believe that you educate yourself for a life, not for a vocation.  High school isn't about becoming a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer.  It is about becoming a thinker, an innovator, and a problem-solver.
    •I believe that EVERY subject is worth learning and that the division between subjects is an illusion. 
    •I believe that teachers should be masters of their content but admit when they don't know something.
    •I believe in learning to think for yourself, in honoring individuality, and developing independence.

    •I believe that success looks different for everyone and that everyone I teach can be a success.

    About This Website
    You will find several helpful pages on this website. Study guides, research tools, and large writing projects are all available here. As most of you know, I believe that being engaged in class and working together during the time we have is the most efficient and best way to learn. When you return home, you should have time to develop your unique skills and interests, and when I take up your time (and your family's time together) with my assignments, they should be very significant. Because of this belief, homework is often limited to the large assignments you will find available here. 
    If you do not find the information that you need on this website, please contact me at hkeirn-swanson@scsmustangs.org.  Your success is important to me. 
    I look forward to spending the year with you.
    Ms. Keirn-Swanson