• Alaska 2011  
    Ms. McKnight's Home Page
    Welcome to the new school year!  Please see individual pages for specific class information. 
    Contact Information:
    Phone Number: 440-268-5605
    Office Hours: 3rd Period
    Schedule for 2016-2017
    1st PeriodDuty Period- DC Room 804
    2nd PeriodCCP English (1st Semester )/ Business English and Communications (2nd Semester)Room 804
    3rd PeriodPlanning Period/Office HoursRoom 804
    4th Period English 12 Room 804
    5th PeriodAP EnglishRoom 804
    6th PeriodLunch/Planning
    7th PeriodEnglish 12Room 804
    8th PeriodEnglish 12Room 804